Garmin nuvifone Scenario Video Shows Fabulousness of Phone, Creative Fatigue of Nuvi Marketing Team

The nuvifone won't be available until the third quarter of 2008, but Garmin has already dropped a couple videos showing its product off. One of them is a bit dull, you know the sort of stuff, portentious voiceovers talking about "putting more power in the hands of the people." The other one, however, is marketing genius, showing three typical Garmin customers, John, Joey and Suzi, and how they would use their phone. GYAC, it's not John or Joey spending their time shopping and lunching. [NaviGadget]




"I predict this feature alone will sell millions of nuviphones in the US."

Hmmm, you gotta point there. It will sell to the millions of senile drivers here in the US. Wait, aren't those people who're really not in the cutting-edge gadget market?