Gawker Video Prank, Plus Challenge

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Most of you have heard of the Mosquito Ringtone, or Teen Buzz, by now. Originally developed as a security device to keep those pesky kids away from your shops, this high frequency pitch was quickly hijacked by terrorist youth who used the weapon for their own text-messaging-during-class gain.


Then Gawker's own video producer, Richard Blakeley, got his hands on the ringer. And he had A Plan. At Gawker headquarters in NY, he would blast the ringer and torture the writers into unconscious pain. Meanwhile, for the sake of Gizmodians everywhere, he would tape the experience.

The results after the jump.

Nothing happened.

This from Blakeley himself:

ok, so i waited until all the music was off and there were only about 9 people in the office, i threw up the sound on my computer full blast, it was REALLY loud. for 5 minutes NOBODY said/did anything, meanwhile my ears were KILLING me... then it hit me, i am the only person under 30 in this office...i couldn't take it anymore. so i turned it off.

Can you do a better job at torturing the masses? Blakeley hopes that you will. So get off the couch and make us some videos! Please. Then email them to markATgizmodoDOTcom. The prize will include getting immortalized in a post...and possibly a lawsuit (that we are not responsible for) if you damage anyone's hearing.

Get the sound HERE

Buy the Alarm HERE



I'm running studio monitors and I could definitely hear it in the links and I'm 30. In fact, it's still ringing in my ears 10 minutes later. Like some of you I can hear the sound of CRTs and tube TVs. In HS I use to bet friends out in the hall if we were watching a video that day or not....easy money.