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Gefen Offers Wireless HDMI Extender for Pre-Order

Illustration for article titled Gefen Offers Wireless HDMI Extender for Pre-Order

Before you start smashing holes through drywall and turning your home theater upside down, you might want to take a look at this Gefen wireless HDMI extender, sending 720p or 1080i video up to 33 feet away and perhaps saving your marriage. This box looks a little different from the one we saw at CES last January, and uses a wider frequency band, 3.1 to 4.8GHz compared with that 3.3 to 3.5GHz band we witnessed at CES.


The downside?

You need two boxes to get 'er done, and that receiver looks a bit cumbersome to mount atop a projector. Also, this unit is HDMI v1.28-compliant, not the latest v1.3, and it can't do that coveted 1080p resolution, which Gefen told us it was working on back in January. That capability might take a while longer to develop, because 1080p is one huge bandwidth hog.


We've also seen wireless HDMI transmitting 720p from Amimon and Sanyo, but who will be first to market with wireless HDMI at 1080p?

Meanwhile, this Gefen unit is not actually even available yet—it's a pre-order, and to put your name on the list it'll cost you a cool $600.

Product Page [Gefen]


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This will become absolutely amazing when they are able to shrink them down to a thumbdrive type size. Or hell, even build it into whatever products that use HDMI.