Wireless Or HDMI? Amimon Demos its Video Modem

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Which monitor above is wireless and which is HDMI? In a challenging demo, two 720p TVs were placed side-by side, with one fed by a conventional HDMI cable and the other with the uncompressed wireless HDMI technology the company calls a "video modem." Could we guess which one was HDMI and which was wireless? No, we got it wrong. There was no discernable difference between the two.

Then they showed us its near-complete lack of latency (under 1ms) by playing some 720p Xbox 360 games over the 1.36Gbit/sec device.

Company reps say we'll be seeing wireless HD products by the end of this year, with Sanyo first to demo the device. The also expect to be demonstrating wireless 1080p by next year's CES. How much will this cost?


The target is under $200 for the 720p/1080i dongle version by the time it hits the market, and just a few bucks by the time it's mass produced as a small chip inside TVs and projectors everywhere.


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