GeForce 8800 Owners Getting Shafted by Nvidia?

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It appears Vista's "wow" has yet to start for many Nvidia GeForce 8800 card owners. Because the cards lack final drivers for Vista (they're still in beta), people have reported that the new OS doesn't recognize their graphics card and as a result defaults to VGA drivers, disabling all of Vista's pretty Aero effects. What gives, Nvidia? The wow can't start now if your flagship card has no finalized drivers.


Where Are the GeForce 8800 Series Windows Vista Drivers? [DailyTech]

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Who cares? I do. I built a 4GB/2.5TB/64bit Vista workstation, and need every bit of performance out if it I can get. I dual boot to XP for games, mostly because I already had a dedicated XP 'games only' install, with a ton of games installed and configured, and no sense in migrating them all to a Vista 'games only' setup at this point. But when I am using Vista with my $400 video card and my 30" monitor for work, entertainment, video editing, etc., I would like it to work as advertized/expected. Aero does not work for me. That's not a big deal, as it's not all that fascinating, really. But i have issues with video playback that I am certain are graphics driver related.

And I think its funny that people think they have the ability to determine what constitutes a necessity for others.