Genius Screen Protector Makes iPhone 6 Easier to Use With One Hand

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Using the iPhone 6 one-handed isn’t easy, but reaching the top corners of the screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is nigh impossible with regular-sized hands. So PureGear has created a new glass screen protector with a set of shortcuts to the top corners of the screen positioned next to the home button.

Being able to tap whatever icon or button is currently in the upper right or left corners of the iPhone 6’s screen from the home button is an incredibly useful shortcut. But the real beauty of PureGear’s $40 Smart + Buttons solution is how easy it is to install. You just stick the thin flexible glass screen protector on your display so that the cutouts for the home button and speaker at the top line up, and you’re done.

There are no cables to connect, no Bluetooth connections to set up, and no calibration needed. An invisible circuit makes the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus think you’re tapping on the upper right corners of its display, when in reality you’re actually tapping on either side of the home button which is much easier for your fingers to reach when either device are used with one hand.