George R.R. Martin Re-Reads His First Published Work: A Fan Letter to Marvel Comics

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When he’s not ruthlessly killing off our favorite A Song of Ice and Fire characters off left right and center, George R. R. Martin spends his time being one of the most adorable fanboys around.

Martin’s original letter—sent in vast praise of Fantasic Four #17 in 1963, an issue which both nearly saw Doctor Doom begin World War III by disabling America’s missile systems and the villainous scientist disguise himself as the Fantastic Four’s janitor!—has been floating around the web for the past few years, but the writer dug it out again as part of an upcoming History Channel documentary about superheroes. Listen to him re-read it below:

I just love that one of George R. Martin’s—only one “R” back then, before his professional writing career necessitated a name tweak to make him stand out—favorite superhero comic moments was the Thing falling down a manhole:


A moment worthy of living on as one of the greatest Fantastic Four comics ever printed, according to Martin! If you’re interested in seeing more of the documentary, Superheroes Decoded, it airs this Sunday, April 30, on the History Channel.