Germans Plan Colossal New Great Pyramid

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Giving new meaning to the phrase "we will bury you," a group of Germans has decided to build a new Great Pyramid that's ten times the size and more than twice the height of the original at nearly 2000 feet tall. A group of German builders has gotten together with Dutch architect Rem Koolhaus for a huge project that aims to build a communal tomb for anyone, not just pharoahs.


They've somehow scraped up a few Euros for the idea, but no one is saying just how much money they've put together or how much this colossus will eventually cost. They are planning to take 30 years to build this monster, but we're thinking their size estimates of the structure are overly optimistic.

Illustration for article titled Germans Plan Colossal New Great Pyramid

Check out that Sizemodo illustration above, comparing the proposed Great Pyramid with those that have come before. We're especially amused by the inclusion of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

There's a business plan involved, too. These pyramid builders actually plan to make money building the giant structure, charging people $960 for each burial spot. The trick is, they'll start with a very small structure, and as burial spots are added, they plan to build out the pyramid to its final gigantic size. Optimistic, indeed. Have any of these people ever heard of cremation?

There's already been a feasibility study that says it's possible to build such a pyramid, but we're just wondering how much design it really takes to put together the timeless shape that buried the pharaohs of Egypt millennia ago. Most importantly, who will want to have his or her body transported to Germany for such a burial? By 30 years from now, it'll probably be cheaper to have your ashes shot into space, anyway. [Great Pyramid, via CNET]



@AdmNaismith: I say that there IS an afterlife and STILL no reason to keep your corpse after you die.

Colossal waste of everything going into this.