Ever since the Wii dropped, movement-based navigation has been all the rage. But sometimes you just need to know when to say when. Take the new EyeMobile Engine designed by GestureTek, for example. With this new technology, cellphone users could do things like tilt a phone back and forth to zoom in on a map or move from side to side to scroll around. You can even operate games on your phone in a similar manner as the Wii.

Sure, it sounds cool, but with cellphones it seems more like a novelty than anything else. The last thing I need is some dude going apeshit next to me in the subway while navigating on his phone. Fortunately, I probably won't have to worry about this problem for quite some time because GestureTek is currently seeing limited use in Japan, with no plans to expand to the rest of the world anytime soon. [Cnet]


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