Get a Quick Dose of Horror With Hulu's 'Bite Size Halloween' Shorts

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A yogi begins to second-guess her healthy getaway in Retreat.
A yogi begins to second-guess her healthy getaway in Retreat.
Image: Hulu

Got a couple minutes? You got time to scare yourself silly with one of Hulu’s “Bite Size Halloween” micro-short films, a new series you can find on Hulu itself as well as on YouTube in honor of spooky season. There will be 30 shorts in all, so if you like what you see, there’s more where these came from!

First up: Mena, which will give you yet another reason to avoid ever sending off your DNA for any kind of analysis.

In Reborn, we see a religious ceremony take a turn for the highly unsettling.

Visible is set on a basketball court in the dead of night. It only looks deserted.

Don’t even think about watching Eye Exam before your next ophthalmology appointment!

“I feel soooo zen,” a woman thinks to herself in Retreat—until she starts to second-guess her New Age surroundings.

And finally, a busy woman confronts an unwanted deadline (of sorts) in Clock.

Check out other “Bite Size Halloween” shorts on Hulu now, or stay tuned to the streamer’s YouTube channel for more.


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