Get Every Issue of the National Geographic Magazine on a HDD For $200

Illustration for article titled Get Every Issue of the National Geographic Magazine on a HDD For $200

The importance and relevance of the National Geographic magazine can never be argued against, particularly with their nod to the dawn of a new decade in the form of a HDD pre-loaded with every issue ever published.

The 160GB external hard drive has 100GB spare for storing your own travel photos, videos of volcanoes and the like, or perhaps downloading new digital copies of the magazine too, if it goes for another 100 years.

All of the articles, pictures, even adverts are included on the digital copies, and a DVD is also bundled, providing tips, behind-the-scenes videos and interviews. $199.95 may seem like a lot for a HDD, but if you weigh up the cost of what every magazine would've cost you from the past 121 years, you're actually making a saving [National Geographic via Download Squad via Crunchgear]


UPDATE: Or, you could buy each and every issue on a CD, for under $50

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As nifty as this sounds, I wonder if the old issues are simply huge PDFs or they have been digitized in unique pieces that allow searching of the articles and such. I mean, a giant database of scanned images of the pages of magazines going back 120 years is nice and all, but if it's not easily searchable I wouldn't want it.