Get Out of Work Early With This Handy Happy Hour Virus

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Everybody hates malware. It's scary—all your personal information could be exposed! It's annoying—all your data could disappear! It's confusing—none of your friends really know how it works! This is why fake malware is the best new way to play hooky.


Introducing the Happy Hour Virus. This two-click solution to a shitty afternoon at work appears to plant a fake virus in your computer, giving you the perfect excuse to throw up your hands, skip out on of the office early, and enjoy happy hour in its entirety. Just visit this single-serve website, pick whichever virus seems most appropriate, and activate. Mac users may opt for the Kernal Panic, while Windows users can't go wrong with the Blue Screen of Death. The Broken Monitor option works for anybody.

Now this is not a perfect solution. If IT ends up getting involved, all they have to do is hit the escape key to get rid of the scary-looking screen. But it should be enough to fool your coworkers, and, even more easily, your boss. At the end of the day—no pun intended—the Happy Hour virus is a clever recruiting ad for the ad agency TDA_Boulder who's trying to promote their approach to a better work-life balance.

It's a point worth making. If you're disgruntled enough at your job to plant a fake virus in your work computer, it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate. [On the Media]



I work IT in a school. I just had someone try to prank me and say that their computer is broken. (Workplace friends; we're always joking around with one another... us male school employees have to stick together! Haha!)

I told him that I, too, read Gizmodo.

"Rats!" -teacher.

We both got a good chuckle out of this.