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This morning, the Mobio mobile app developer launches its portal service, GetMobio. It's a pretty sweet program, and it works on all of the phones listed here, provided you have some kind of data plan. The service is a mashup of entertainment listings, map programs and RSS readers, combined in a tight little package.

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Categories are slugged with meaningful nicknames, such as "Outwitting the Kids" and "Date Night." The "Panic Kit" links you to cabs, towing services, locksmiths and many other rapid-responder types. If you're looking for a restaurant, you click "Stepping Out." Once you find a place, you can quickly grab a map or call the place, without backing out of the program. Before a trip, you might want to sit down and preload all of your locations; it isn't truly location-based (i.e., the phone's GPS doesn't feed it your location), and it can be hard to input an address when you're wandering around.


If you log into your account, you can alter what feeds and services you get, although it's not truly customizable: though you can manage many feeds that GetMobio offers, there's no way to add your own RSS feed at this time. My guess is that this will happen soon, however.

It's a great service if you live in a happening spot, but it may not be of any help if you live in a town that Paris Hilton has never passed out in through. Whenever someone introduces a service that helps you find cool bars, local events and great restaurants, there's automatic yet blatant favoritism of about 50 major metro areas. They are only as good as their information sources. If you live in New York or San Francisco, and ping the service for a sweet after-hours spot, boom, there it is. But if you're in Fort Wayne, IN on a Friday night‚ÄĒand I speak from experience‚ÄĒodds are, GetMobio won't suggest anything you haven't already done 200 times.

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