Major Kusinagi's climactic fight against the Alakuneda Think Tank in the original Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the best fight scenes in modern anime. Now, that arm-shearing battle has gotten a bit cuter with a Think Tank made from stock LEGO bricks.

The tank and Maj. Kusinagi figurine are the brainchild of Cole Blaq. The tank itself is built exclusively from off-the-shelf blocks—hence it being grey rather than tan, like in the movie—but is impressively detailed down to its dual mini-guns, retractable front arms and fully articulated joints. Kusinagi, on the other hand, is a custom-painted LEGO Friends minifig (see, they are good for something), though I don't remember the Major as a brunette.


While he's only made these images available so far, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cole Blaq releases instructions for this build so I can make one for myself. [Flickr via Brothers Brick via Technabob]

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