Ghostbusters Is Getting A Board Game For The First Time In 30 Years

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Cryptozoic Entertainment are turning Ghostbusters into an episodic, co-operative tabletop game, and have taken to Kickstarter to secure funding for it. And honestly, although the idea of A Ghostbusters game on paper doesn't sound like it could be all that interesting, it looks pretty rad.

Weirdly enough, instead of just getting a straight release, the game - which will see a team of 4 ghostbusters work together to take down ghosts from the movies and wider Ghostbuster world (so the cartoon, the comics and the toys) on a modular board that lets you mix and match environments for a series of different narrative scenarios. Check out the pitch video below:


The co-operative element of the game makes sense for the franchise, and it's cool to see all the physical models that you can use - the stylised designs of the main four ghostbusters are really nice - but it seems strange that Cryptozoic felt like they needed a kickstarter for the project. If anything, the game looks like it was a done deal, and then the kickstarter was launched just for the purpose of adding extra bonuses as well as a fancier edition of the game that comes with more pieces and 'boss ghosts' for you to throw in the mix. Not entirely sure why the base game needed to be a part of it, but hey, at least it's coming and looks interesting to play.

The game is estimated to be available by October this year, and currently the only way to get a copy is to essentially pre-order through the Kickstarter (presumably it'll be available on a wider basis after that), which is currently at $103,000 of its $250,000 goal - Board games are super expensive to make! $80 grants you the standard version of the game, complete with board tiles, the player models and cards, the rules and a whole bunch of ghosts to square off against, as well as any stretch goals for extra miniatures that are hit before the project ends, while $125 gets you the 'Deluxe' Edition of the game, complete with an art print, extra map tiles and two boss ghosts - Sandman and a bigger version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Interested? Go here if you want to pledge.

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Really? There never was a Ghostbusters board game? There were not one but TWO Dark Shadows board games and even a freaking Krull board game but never a Ghostbusters one?