Moon Rock - George Dunning

Yellow Submarine wasn't the only thing Dunning directed. In addition to the ocean depths, his psychedelic animation also explored the lunar surface and it's little green denizens.



Further proof that cats are assholes. [Nerdcore]


The Hero with a 1000 Faces

This awesomely animated TedTalk explores how many modern myths, superstitions, and fairy tales are all constructed using a single, ancient premise—the hero's journey. Fascinating stuff.


Spiritual Warrior Munny - Coyle x WJC

The perfect companion for an afternoon of naval gazing, this stout pipe lights from the back and draws through the top of his head. Its scepters also double as pokers. [High End Glass]


Dirty Cali Grow Ops are Killing Nature

It's not easy growing green. Even in places like California where cannabis is widely accepted, weed farmers must engage in covert grow-ops to avoid unwanted federal scrutiny. And for outdoor plantations especially, this requires growers to rely on strong fertilizers and pesticides to maximize yield while minimizing the vegetative stage. Problem is, these industrial chemicals often run off directly into the water shed, damaging ecosystems and harming a variety of wildlife. As the LA Times reports,

The marijuana boom that came with the sudden rise of medical cannabis in California has wreaked havoc on the fragile habitats of the North Coast and other parts of California. With little or no oversight, farmers have illegally mowed down timber, graded mountaintops flat for sprawling greenhouses, dispersed poisons and pesticides, drained streams and polluted watersheds.


Read more about how these illegal grow ops are harming everything from salmon to bears to even man's best friend over at the LA Times. [Grist - Image: Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times]