Giant Loop Shower Is a Bidet For Your Entire Body

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Whether at the crack of dawn or at the end of a long day, no one really ever has the energy to bathe. So like a bidet, the Loop shower uses numerous jets of water to clean your entire body automatically, even where the sun don't shine.

Since it's lacking any kind of enclosure, you can really only use the Loop shower outdoors, like by a pool, or inside a bathroom you don't mind getting completely drenched every time someone uses it. And in addition to six high-pressure jets and a waterfall overhead, the Loop also looks like it offers some chroma-therapy benefits too with a lighting system that casts a tinted glow inside it.

It was created by a fancy Italian design company, which, not surprisingly, posts little in the ways of pricing or availability info on its website. So it's safe to assume this isn't going to show up in the aisles of your local Home Depot. But if you've got the money, I'm sure you can find someone who will sell it to you. [Idiha Design via Born Rich via Dvice]