Giant Robot Sound Effect Slippers Make Your Cyborg Fantasies Come True

At one point or another, who hasn't fantasized about having a limb replaced with a cyborg alternative, or some kind of robotic upgrade? Sadly, that technology still kind of sucks, so it's up to your imagination to make that dream come true—that and ThinkGeek's new sound effect robot slippers.


Thirty bucks gets you a one-size-fits-all pair, and even if you have tiny feet the slipper's leg cuff should prevent them from falling off when walking. Every time you take a step the slippers play a grinding-clanking sound effect that makes it sound like your legs have been upgraded with the latest in cybernetic enhancements. But only you'll be aware of the ruse—well, you and anyone who realizes robots aren't made made of plush fabric. [ThinkGeek]

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