It's not as monstrous as the wall-hanging Scrabble board that Hammacher Schlemmer sells, but Restoration Hardware's take on the classic spelling game will look a little classier hanging on your walls. And it even includes a chalkboard for keeping score and publicly shaming players who can't spell worth a double-letter-tile.


The board itself measures just shy of five-feet tall, and uses magnets to secure and hold the tiles in place. The tile racks can be removed during a game so each player can keep their letters secret, but can also be mounted backwards along the bottom so a game can be paused without revealing everyone's tiles. The over-sized game even includes an over-sized fabric pouch for storing and randomly drawing the letter tiles, and while Hammacher's version will cost you $12,000, this version is a little more affordable at just shy of $1,500. [Restoration Hardware via Bless This Stuff]

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