Gibson Pops a 180 with Awesome Reverse Flying V Limited Edition Guitar

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Attention guitar players: Gibson just turned the guitar world upside down with its Reverse Flying V electric guitar, installment number 29 in the company's Guitar of the Week series. It'll be built in a limited edition of just 400 instruments. Even though purists who still worship the classic 1958 design might be soon calling this the Perverse Flying V, we kind of like the way the thing has been flipped around in a way that makes it look like a cursor on a computer screen.

Besides that one key fact of its body being flipped 180 degrees, the rest of this ax is faithful to Gibson's original 1958 design, complete with 1957-style humbucker pickups, that strings-through-the-body tailpiece (going the opposite way, of course), and a sweet-looking Trans Amber finish. No word on pricing or availability just yet. [Electric Guitar Review]

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i have to agree that it is on the wacked out side cool. owning one and hearing all this negative feedback makes me even happier i bought one. yeah its weird, but have you played one? have you even seen one in person? this is a bad ass agent. 57 humbuckers, come on you cant get any better than that. as for balancing issues, NONE. the top point gets in the way of viewing the neck but the last time i checked they are still in the same place. and laugh all you want about how it looks, there are only 400 hundred. hey if i remember correctly from reading the reveiws on the flying V, when they first came out HUMMM try and buy a 58 V. with that said i am very happy i have one, potentially being a highly sought after collectable guitar. i got mine three months ago and they are already going for double. hahaha