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On our recent trip to Japan we discovered that every man, woman, child, pokemon and dog has a phone. When babies are born, the DoCoMo ritual birthing process involves inserting a phone...well, we'll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, they get'm early.

It's no surprise that Gigabyte is making this Keroro phone "based on Keroro Gunso, a Japanese manga and anime that tells the story of Earth being invaded by a race of extraterrestrial frogs." This green phone is targeted toward kids, but has enough juice in it with its 128MB of storage and attached camera on the back. Not at all like the gimped Firefly phones in the States.


Gigabyte's only making 2,000 of these, so if you're a ambphibi-phile you'd better hurry before Kermit-lovers beat you to it.

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