Gigabyte U60 UMPC Suffers from Broken Keyboard Syndrome

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Love it or hate it, Gigabyte's first UMPC sports a broken QWERTY keyboard design (kinda like Samsung's Q1 Ultra). Personally, I'm not a fan of the broken keyboard (they feel awkward), but then again I have big paws. The UMPC will also feature a ridiculously small touchpad (the little box below the screen on the bottom right side) and a 800x480, 6.5-inch display. All of it'll be powered by a 1GHz VIA CPU. Despite the keyboard, it's a nice debut for Gigabyte, though we would have liked it even more if it packed WWAN (it only has Wi-Fi).


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Not sure where these things fit in to a person's lifestyle. Too big to fit in your pocket, but obviously more capable than a handheld PC. Yet smaller than a laptop, and way too limited compared to a laptop. I'd be more inclined to just adapt my lifestyle to a handheld PC or a laptop before I'd jump for one of these.