Samsung Q1 Ultra Gets Touched All Over

If yesterday's Q1 pr0n didn't hold you over, today we have some video of Samsung's killer UMPC, thanks to the gang at Tech Digest. A lot of people are liking this UMPC, but personally I think it's still too big for on-the-go use. And while I like that it has an embedded keyboard, it looks like a pain to use since it's split in half. It's like a PepperPad on steroids. Check out the full spec list here after you're done with the video.

CeBIT 2007: Samsung Q1Ultra Hands On Video [TechDigest]


The point of the UMPC is to have a full featured PC in a compact form factor.

I had the original Q1 and it was a snap to use. In the airport for example, you can surf the web while waiting in those long check in lines. Try doing that with your laptop! You could need to set it on the floor.