GigaView HDD Multimedia Player

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The GigaView is a 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure that lets you display the digital media contents of your hard drive on a TV. Once you've inserted a hard drive (or memory card) into the GigaView, simply hook the box up to a TV using one of the included cables and let the multimedia madness ensue. It's able to play back all the formats that make trolling through Usenet and IRC worth while, such as the myriad forms of Divx and MPEG, though it's audio playback seems to be limited to only MP3.

The GigaView supports hard drives up to 400GB in size, certainly more than enough to hold a couple of silver screen masterpieces (and photo slideshows, and home movies...). Able to output a video signal through standard RCA cables, S-Video and VGA, the GigaView is compatible with both PAL and NTSC TV formats. Happy day!


The GigaView certainly isn't the only hard drive enclosure/media player on the market, nor is it as feature-filled, but for only around $75, it wouldn't make a bad addition to one of the bedrooms. Besides, anybody's who's anybody is already running a home theater PC in their den of multimedia marvels.


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