Gillette M3Power Vibrating Razor Reviewed

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Shaving is an art. And like most art, or Perl, there's often more than one way to do it. For the last few years, my +3 Wand of Baby's Butting has been the Gillette Mach 3, usually with a very dull blade and lots of steaming foam (helped even more so by my recent installation of this little beauty in the shower). Now ConsumerWhore reviews the latest iteration of Gilette's Mach 3, the M3Power, a lime-green vibrating model that is powered by a AAA battery in the handle. He likes it well enough, not because it shaves more closely, but because it lets him shave faster. And if like mine, your Mach 3 was stolen by the ladyfriend to shave legs, a dual-purposed M3Power will be snatched up soon enough — be sure to buy two.
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