Gimp Mask iPhone Case Lets You Take Calls But Not Much Else

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In a world of touchscreens, apps, and texting, making phone calls is last thing you do with your iPhone. But if you yearn for simpler times, leisurely chats, and not-so-subtle S&M imagery, this gimp mask case might be right up your alley.

Despite the obvious gimp mask resemblence, this bad boy from Seventy Eight Percent is actually called "Gadi" and ostensibly has nothing to do with bondage gear. Instead, the design was inspired by an Irish Australian bushranger named Ned Kelley, who used to sport a piece of solid metal headgear with a single slit for eyes during his heydey in the 1880s. In other words, he wore a big metal gimp mask.

The case itself is Italian leather, and promises quick and easy access to the slide to unlock bar, ports, and buttons, but nothing else. It will fit an iPhone 4 snugly, and each is one of a kind, which somewhat explains their relatively hefty $110 pricetag. But sleekness aside, this is just one step above stashing your iPhone in a sock.


Obviously, if you want to see your contacts, or do anything besides take an incoming call, you're going to have to drag your phone out of its case, which may be a little annoying since the fit is described as "snug." All in all, it's a stylish but ham-fisted way to strip your iPhone of its biggest feature. Maybe you should just go grab an old flip phone from the shoebox in your closet instead. [Seventy Eight Percent]

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If they at least had another opening to show the caller this would be useful. Who just answers a phone without checking who it is?