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Oregon Scientific likes to enlist the help of swanky designers and brands for its clockism, such as Philippe Starck, Ferrari and even John Deere. Now the company has signed up Italian design superstar Stefano Giovannoni to develop this ominous-looking Wireless Projection Clock.

That orb you see hovering over the clock in this pic doesn't actually hang above the clock itself—overzealous illustrators depicted it that way to emphasize that the projection unit communicates with the clock wirelessly. This self-setting atomic clock has contactless keys, dual alarms and shows you the indoor temperature as well as the time. If other Oregon Scientific models with which we're familiar are any indication, its backlit LED doesn't have adjustable intensity. Nevertheless, this is one badass-looking alarm clock, one which we simply must have for our Gizmodo bat cave.


Product Page [Oregon Scientific, via Shiny Shiny]

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