Girl Tech Voice Protected Journal, Foiling Little Brothers Daily

How many sitcom episodes are centered around a teenage girl trying to protect her inner most secrets found in her diary from her pesky brother? Well, just like cellphones have made "we don't know where our friends are" episodes unbelievable, this voice-protected journal may cause Hollywood writers to retire yet another plot device. The journal can only be open by the sound of the owner's voice, making the odds of little Tommy breaking in quite remote.

It has other exciting features, such as a light for nighttime reading and writing and an intruder alert, which I can only assume lets out a painful, high-pitched sound while releasing some sort of skin irritant. You can find it online for about $20. If little Tommy is smart enough to record Big Sister's voice then play it back in order to open the journal, call MI6 because he's a spy in the making.


Product Page [Girl Tech via Shiny Shiny]

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