A few years ago I told you about an amazing prank you can pull on your friends/co-workers/family. This girl just executed it with beautiful precision on her mother.

Here's how it works: Go into someone's iPhone settings and change their shortcuts so that some normal term they would type then automatically changes to something else.

Twitter user Kenzie—who has unfortunately changed her profile to private—got a hold of her mom's phone and changed "dirty clothes" to "acid." Funny!


It just goes on and on and on!


Now as always with these internet prank things, this could very easily be fake. Perhaps the joke is not on the mom, but on us! But it's so good, that I just don't care if it's real. At the very least, it's a good reminder that you can cause some good natured mischief to brighten up your week :) [Nerd Approved]