Girls Scouts Are Now Selling Cookies Online

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One of America's finest food traditions is about to get more convenient than ever: Girl Scouts have been given the go ahead to sell their cookies online.


The tradition, which is now almost 100 years old, churns out over 200 million boxes of deliciousness per year—but until now it's been a solely offline affair. Now, spurred by the girls themselves, the organization has given the nod to allow the cookies to be sold via mobile apps and personalized websites, reports the Boston Globe. The only catch: scout councils and guardians have to agree to the Girl Scouts in question going digital.

It's not intended to make the conventional sales of the cookies redundant, but rather bolster sales of the boxes, which cost between $3.50 and $5 a pop. It's certainly good news for cookie eaters, who will be able to order boxes of sweet treats and have them delivered straight to their door.

The organization expects up to 1 million of its members to sign up to the new digital initiative. Each Girl Scouts council will be able to use either an app or website store front—but not both—with scouts able to customize the pages. The girls will only ever use their first name on the pages in the name of privacy and safety.

Senior members of Girl Scouts reckon the digital initiative will help the youngsters learn new skills, gaining insights into digital entrepreneurship and building customer relations in new ways. Apparently, the websites won't be accessible without an email invitation, meaning that the Girl Scouts have to work to build a contact list.

Which is, of course, all wonderful new for the Scouts themselves. But perhaps not as wonderful as being able to buy the cookies from the comfort of your armchair. Nom.[Boston Globe]

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