Gizmodo Advances in 2007 Bloggers Tournament

The 2007 Bloggers Tournament is underway, riding the coattails of March Madness and adopting a bracket format that'll look all too familiar to hoops fans. The popularity contest began March 19, and Gizmodo emerged victorious as one of the Sweet 16 winners. Voting is underway now for the second round, where we go up against From the site:

Initially, similar blogs will battle it out. And the best from each will meet at the end. The seeding system will remain — based on ranking (seed #1 represents the highest ranking) and like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, #1 will play #8, #2 vs. #7, and so on.


Being the awards whores that we are, we ask you to vote for us in this dubious competition, where the voting for Round 2 ends tomorrow, March 27. Let's go all the way, baby! May the best blog win! Take the hop to see a full-sized pic of the current bracket for the competition.

Vote for us here!

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