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Gizmodo Day Just One Week Away!

Illustration for article titled Gizmodo Day Just One Week Away!

Gizmodo readers around the world will meet on August 12th at 7pm. Find the Meetup nearest you, or create your own, inside.


We're using Meetup Everywhere to organize meetups around the world. Visit the Gizmodo Day page or use the widget below to find the Meetup nearest you. Don't see one? You can Schedule a Gizmodo Day Meetup in your own city and become the organizer. We'll be in touch with organizers today to coordinate the sending of Gizmodo Stickers (while supplies last).

If you post/promote your Meetup in the comments, be sure to include a link.

Attending a Gizmodo Day Meetup? RSVP on Facebook to let all your friends know.

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This really seems like a rite of passage into self-assured geekiness.

It's quite a big step in some ways; the step from closeted but devout Giztizen to publicly identifying as and associating with other geeks.

My heart is racing a little, and my palms are slightly sweaty.