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October has arrived meaning a bunch of things: The leaves are dying, just like you. Halloween is less than thirty days away. But most importantly, the team at Gizmodo Nights presents you Gizmodo Frights, a deep dive into the weirdest, scariest content the internet has to offer you.

I am afraid of everything, and for good reason: the world can be a really miserable and terrifying place. There are some things, however, I fear for no tangible reason. Like the number eleven. It freaks me out. A lot. You know what’s even worse than eleven? One hundred and eleven. I’m writing these numbers out because I will panic if I see that many ones next to each other. On my quest to figure out why the heck eleven has some inherently evil quality only I can perceive, I found a beautiful website called Phobia Wiki. Here’s its mission statement:


As someone who doesn’t like graphic pictures, no graphic pictures is important to me. Here are Phobia Wiki’s top freakiest phobias:


The 9/11 stuff really makes you think. I was a child living in lower Manhattan on 9/11/01, so perhaps that’s why the number instills fear in me. Or maybe I’m psychic. Again, we can’t really be sure about these things, so it’s safest to assume I’m psychic and eleven holds an inherent evil that has to do with terrorism.



So weird, my ex had this.



So weird, my ex also had this.



Famous sufferers of this phobia include: Garfield.



If you’re afraid of laughing, first of all, I’m sorry. That sounds like the worst. But second of all, please do not continue reading Gizmodo Nights. It will trigger your phobia, and we don’t want to hurt you. We love you. We want to kiss you, with tongue.



Ostensibly, if you’re anagnosmaphobic, reading this is the scariest thing in the world to you. Boo! Happy Halloween!

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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