Gallery ended a week ago. I have no excuse for posting this Thanks/Closing post til now. Except that I just recovered from my Pancake Hangover. And never got tired of them. Just a little diabetic.

The two weeks we were in NY setting up went by in a blur. Mostly because we were having fun, but also because we weren't sleeping very much and we were not exactly living a healthy lifestyle. I wasn't watching the website that much (the rest of the gang was) but I was sitting next to that 103-inch Panasonic and trying to get work done through the blaring of Beatles Rock Band. The lesson learned: Don't expect to get work done while you're playing xbox and hanging out with cool people. Who would have thought?

There were so many obstacles that Chris hurdled one after another. Our electrician, Fil, saved our butts by making sure our demanding gadgets got clean power. And so many times on our opening night's private preview, did people almost get electrocuted. More on that, here. But here's a video of the party, which is fresh from the editing oven!

I hid the most valuable devices during our party because I was concerned about security. The LEDs for the display cases turned out to be too dim, so we had to install more spot lighting for each case after soldering like 50 sets of lights. Our rent-a-cop was too asleep on the job to do anything but drink free cola and eat pancakes. I asked him several times to WATCH THE DEVICES ON THE WALL and he failed like a lv.1 goon in metal gear solid when I snuck up behind him and pretended to grab a gadget. Then the AC broke. Speaking of salvation, the dealer of the artist who made the iPhone cross came by and saw, to my horror, that the bartenders were resting tubs of beer on the display case. There was no damage, except in his mind, but it was just another thing in a string of problems that Chris had to deal with. And this was before we opened.


We spent the next few days sorting out details like these. When I say details, I mean little annoying things that retail store managers probably have their lives filled with. It wasn't all bad, but it was, to this moment, a blur of disconnected moments of frustration and distraction that was outweighed, every time, by the awesomeness of having Gizmodo readers and gadgets together in REAL LIFE.

Although time folded into memory (I have no idea what that means either) and the hours started to feel all the same, the Lego wall slowly began to fill up. Visitors built everything from faces, to names to goatse. Also, you people really love building spaceships. Here are a few of our faves...


We're still really bummed we didn't get to Taser someone in the gallery (it was dangerously close to happening). But I did get to fire a live taser. It sparkled a lot.

I won't lie: part of me wants to throw gallery so I can get friends inside and play Xbox with them on the big TV. (One highlight was giving Just Blaze a tour after hours, and watching him go to town on SF4 (he brought game pads!) the Arc Attack drum machine and Beatles Rockband. But I just wish all of you could have been there to visit. Instead, I've got two videos for you to watch, both very different, that do a good job of explaining the feeling of being at Gallery since I'm having a hard time describing what I think is one of the fun geek events to happen, ever.

The first clip is by me. And when I say me, I mean me as a guy losing his mind with no sleep, with equal portions of stress and giddiness interrupting proper brain function. I edited out a bunch of profanity but it's hard in iMovie 09, so I left a ton in. It's how Gizmodo Gallery exists in my mind. Minus the irrational and strangely never ending desire for pancakes. (Music produced by Just Blaze)


The second movie is by a young man and reader of the site, Woodrow Allen Jang. He's a film student at NYU and we have surprising overlapping interests in samurai movies/directors. Woody spend a lot of time with us at the Gallery, from setup to close, always with camera in hand. You'll see construction of the furniture all the way up to the closing ceremony, where we ate an entire 5 foot long pancake, rolled up into a little planet of syrup and buttermilk. Thanks Woody!


Lastly, I'd like to reiterate my point that Gallery would be impossible without help from the many generous individuals and companies who love great tech as much as we do.

• Thank you to Martin Strzałka, Michael Lotero and Jimmy McCoy. These three guys were by far the most amazing Gallery Set Up, Open Hours and Clean Up staff ever. For 2 weeks these guys devoted their life to the Gallery and without just one of them we would have been screwed. We can't thank you three enough…

• Thank you to Adam Lam and Chris Jacob for basically taking care of anything and everything. Without you two it would have been impossible to get anything accomplished.


• Thank you to Collin, Danny and Sean from Upcycle Design. Because of their amazing handmade furniture and last minute designing they are solely responsibly for making the Gallery look and feel like a professional event.

• Thank you to Alyssa Miller for working and taking care of us simply because she knew we really needed the help.

• Thank you to Safil our electrician who basically made sure all of our energy hogging gadgets actually had power.


• Thank you to Julia at Gawker for going above and beyond when it came to helping. You worked way more than you had to and we can't thank you enough.

• Thank you to Joe, Patrick and John of ArcAttack for rocking the Giz Gallery all day everyday with your insane singing tesla coils.

• Thank you o2 Creative Solutions for your updated SKETCH3D and the Ghostly Discovery iPhone app exhibit, which were both special made for the Gallery.


• Thank you to Rachel, Anil and Jason Bentley from KCRW for providing the perfect soundtrack and live performance for the Gallery.

• Thank you to Chris De Maria and Jeff Samuels from Panasonic who worked their magic once again and somehow graced us with their 103" TV.

• Thank you to Karl, Jaed and Lars from Pioneer DJ for setting us up with the newest equipment.


• Thank you to Christian from Pioneer for supplying the Gallery with enough stereo equipment to make the neighbors hate us.

• Thank you to Lara from JVC for all the headphones, Everio Camera and vintage VCR.

• Thank you to Julie and Lego for helping us transform a wall into a crazy Lego building paradise.


• Thank you to the Zune team for allowing us to have a demo unit of their newest player the Zune HD.

• Thank you to James and Gwen from Seize sur Vingt for moving out early and allowing us to transform the Groupe space into the Gizmodo Gallery.

• Thank you to Wes from Jalopnik for suggesting the Groupe space and curating the Brammo Enertia.


• Thank you to Nick Denton and everyone else at Gawker that made the Gizmodo Gallery possible.

• Thank you to Jesús Diaz for his gorgeous artwork

• Thank you to the Giz NY staff for helping us even though they weren't on the clock, especially Matt and John for their crazy hours of devotion.


• Thank you to Joanna Stern for dealing with all the press / media attention surrounding the Gallery.

• Thank you to Adrian Covert for coming out to NY just to cover the Gallery for Giz.

• Thank you to Phil Torrone for once again bringing and operating his laser etcher.


• Thank you to Keita at Sony for loaning us historic Walkmans from the Tokyo Archives.

• Thank you to Ryan Block from gdgt and Ben Heck for sending and entrusting us with the Atari VCSp.

• Thank you to Jonathan Viner for donating prints of his beautiful Harem collection.


• Thank you to RJ Selfridge and Cheftsack for supplying the Gallery with unlimited tasty pancakes.

• Thank you to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot for loaning us the Hot Rod Enterprise and Star Trek Props.

• Thank you to Adam Savage for loaning his beloved personal items as a guest Gallery curator.


• Thank you to Ken Lim and his Guardian Robot for coming out to NY and coding non-stop.

• Thank you to Dan from Arkeg for bringing his Arcade Kegerator and also lending a hand when we needed it.

• Thank you to Frog Design and Hartmut Esslinger for the Apple prototypes and Esslinger's original designs.
• Thank you to Paul from Barcade for loaning us some vintage arcade games.


• Thank you to Nick Elleonoff for helping out and failing at build Ikea chairs.

• Thank you to Alpay Kasal for just walking in during set up and pitching his interactive mirror.

• Thank you to Lara from TASER for giving us their products and coming out to NY to do a live TASER demo.


• Thank you to Chris Kooluris and Cheeto for the World's Largest Cheetos.

• Thank you to Rosa and Michelle Palisi of Chocolates by Michelle for making us some special Chocolate Apple Tablets.

• Thank you to Lisa for watching the dogs at home

• Thank you to all the people who donated their priceless items that we showcased as Gallery Items. From NYU students, middle america gadget lovers,, south american sex dog doll creators, handmade iPhone case makers and everything in-between, we thank you. These people are:
- Brad Mays and the AT&T archives for lending us the rare Bell Labs picture phones.
- Katie from Dell and Alienware for our exclusive showing if the new Area-51 ALX.
- Jimi from Pablo's Brithday for loaning Ekart Hahn's 3.1 art piece.
- Oscar from NYU's ITP for his Art Bot.
- Derek Fitzer for his Atomic Disruptor Raygun.
- Tiffany Cook from Microsfot for getting us a Xbox Beatles console and getting us hooked up with MS Tags.
- Jacqueline from Belkin for all of the amazing Belkin Surge Protectors.
- Chris B. for sharing his Blickensderfer typewriter and first Polaroid camera again.
- Brammo for sending us their Enertia electric motorcycle.
- Scott Jarvie for his Clutch Light.
- Ray Crockett from Coke for the Coke Video Vender machine.
- Patola, Antjes, Katja, Nathalie, Hine, Kimberly, Janice, Barry and everyone else who sent us their handmade iPhone cases from around the world.
- Filipe at Pet Smiling for the Doggie Lover Doll.
- Draganfly for the Draganflyer X8.
- for all the wonderful Japanese toys.
- Xiaoyang from NYU's ITP for his Irregular Incurve.
- Jeff Schmidt for his Laser Synth Guitar.
- Bre and Zach for their MakerBot.
- Konstantin Leonenko for his handmade Tiny Drills.
- Thomas Gerhardt from NYU's ITP for his Mud Tub.
- James Dunn and the New York Times for their Times Reader Tablets.
- David Laitur for his Pip Pen.
- Tony DeRose and his family for their Potato Gatling Gun.
- Greg from Sony for the XEL-1 and a BluRay player.
- Greg Smith for his Robot Rock Headphones.
- Johnny Lighthands for his Thriller Headphones.
- Alexander from the Long Now Foundation for the Rosetta Disk.
- Alexander Reeder from NYU's ITP for his S Ring.
- Celina Alvarado from NYU's ITP for her hug meeter Try Me.
- Becky Stern for her TV-B-Gone Hoodie.
- Dream Arcades for the Vision 120.
- Tracie Snitker for getting us Beatles Rock Band.
- Wicked Lasers for the crazy high powered Spyder Laser Pointer.
- Volcano for the coup de grâce of Vaporizers.


And finally, thank you to all the readers and everyone else who showed up and experienced this year's Gizmodo Gallery.

Read more about our Giz Gallery 09 here, follow @gizgallery on Twitter and see what else we'll be playing with at the event. And special thanks to Toyota's Prius — without their sponsorship, there would be no Gizmodo Gallery.