Gizmodo Goes to IMAX

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In case you missed it, Gizmodo visited IMAX to check out all of the wonders of priceless cameras and gargantuan film standards. Here are the stories we've published so far. Keep checking in for new updates:

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Our kick-off post about a really big lens cap


Why We Need IMAX: A Pilgrimage to the Mothership
Some people visit Israel. We took a trip to Mississauga.

Cineplexes Getting IMAX, But Is It IMAX or CONSPIRACY?
A scientific look at the controversial, smaller cineplex IMAX screen

A Rare Tour of IMAX Cameras
There are 26 IMAX cameras in the world. Here are four of them.


How Regular Movies Become "IMAX" Films
Wait...Star Trek wasn't shot in IMAX. So how is playing in IMAX?


Filming Hubble Repair Practice, Underwater
Astronauts get no privacy.



Terry Mele

iMAX blows. It's overrated and the sound sucks. There. :)