Gizmodo Is Hiring Editorial Fellows in New York City

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Hello, Internet! We're looking for two new editorial fellows for our New York office.

Editorial Fellows are Gizmodo's entry level positions. Your job is basically to assist our writers in research, fact-checking, and other office-y tasks. We ask a lot of you, but, in return, you will learn a lot about this whole professional blogging enterprise. The ideal candidate is someone looking for a career in media, but fairly geeky, too. Oh, and you must be within daily commuting distance of Manhattan.

The essentials:
• You should want to be a journalist or reporter or writer or something of the sort when you grow up—experience at a newspaper or magazine is A++++, will buy again.
• Have a strong interest in one of the following: technology, design, architecture, the internet, science, cities, and all things Fun and Good in the world.
• Basic experience with HTML, Flickr, FTP, Facebook, Twitter—things that people do on the internet.
• Dedication. It's, like, intense here.
• A decent laptop.
• You should be over 18 with the legal ability to work in the United States.
• Willingness to learn. We don't expect you to know everything when you get here, but you should be willing to put the work in to figure it out.
• Ability to commit, at minimum, to 20 hours a week, with full-time being the preference.


The stuff you'll be doing:
• Research and reporting: Learning how to pull together lots of different kinds of information from multiple sources for editors.
• Spotting stories: Learning how to find and pitch stories from multiple sources and leads.
• Initially, this is not a writing position, but if you work hard and take initiative, it's not at all uncommon for Fellows to grab a few posts once they've settled in

Essentially, you'll be learning the basics of writing about technology, design, and internet culture, and very probably playing with a lot of gadgets, learning new euphemisms for genitalia, and all of the ups and downs of the "go go go faster faster faster" pace of blogging. Editorial Fellows are minimum wage, hourly employees of Gawker Media. And, if you're really, really good (and lucky), one day you could even be promoted to an Editorial Assistant.

If you think that sounds like something you're into, grasshopper, send an email to with the subject "Editorial Fellow." Then, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you're perfect for the opportunity, and paste your resume at the bottom of the email. (No attachments. Seriously. None.) You've got until this Monday, January 20th to apply.

But don't wait until the last second! We look forward to hearing all about why we should hire you.


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