Gizmodo Sues The Onion for Libel, Asks Drew Curtis for Legal Advice

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LAKE TAHOE, Nevada (Agencies) — Popular technology blog and cocktail bar guide Gizmodo has sued leading international newspaper The Onion for libel, following the latter recent article on Microsoft Corp.'s (MFST) Zune 2 MP3 player's roaring success.

In declarations to the Reno Gazzette Journal this morning, Gizmodo's editor-in-chief Brian Lam categorically denied that he referred to the second-generation Zune as having "great design." "The Onion just made that whole thing up" Mr. Lam said, "what I really said was that the Zune 2 is an amazing piece of innovative engineering, a technological breakthrough that will affect all technology breakthroughs to come. The design, however, is a little bland." Visibly angry, Mr. Lam accused The Onion of systematically "getting things wrong."


Excerpt from The Onion's article on the second-generation Zune massive adoption

"The thing about Gates is true, though" the tech publication's mercurial leader added, "and I love his taste in pants and wool jumpers too. Specially that stripy one he wore at last year's CES. So cute. No, really, I love it. I know Chen is on the fence on that one but personally, I think his attire make him the fashion force in the industry. Like the Coco Chanel of tech, if you will" Later, he left the room bumping into a chair, spilling some of the contents from the bottle in a brown paper bag that he carried around all morning, which he referred to as "my coffee."


Speaking on condition of anonymity, the owner of popular news reference site Fark, amateur lawyer and fly fishing aficionado Drew Curtis said that he was going to give special legal counsel to Gizmodo and Brian Lam to stop what he referred to as "that bad bad bad source of news." "It's completely unacceptable" he said "I know that Gizmodo and me had our differences regarding the use of NSFW in the past, but The Onion's faulty reporting has to be stopped at once."


Gizmodo's publisher Nick Denton was unavailable for comment, having margaritas at a party somewhere in Manhattan. [The Onion]

(Notice: While this should come as obviously fake to 99% of the people out there, for the 1%, yes, this post is fake fake FAKE. F-A-K-E. This one you just read and, like everything they do, the Onion's)