Gizmodo's Jason Chen Parlays Fame Into Adoration, Fends Off Lustful Fans

Our own Jason Chen, master blogger and lover of gadgets to such an extent that he can't seem to keep them out of his pants, is coaxed away from his Xbox 360 long enough to tell his story to blogger babes at GeekSugar. In the entertaining interview, part of the "Geeks We Love" series, Chen reveals his inner self, one that's multidimensional and far beyond that of your basic blogebrity.

Take a look at the article, and you'll benefit from JC's sage advice on how he blends the life of a serious blogger and gamer with the life of his girlfriend, clues you in on his five favorite gadgets, and even lets you know some of his hopes and dreams. It's a great read, and one that doesn't even come close to describing our esteemed colleague with his quick wit and sharp intellect.

Geeks We Love: Jason Chen of Gizmodo [GeekSugar]


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