Gizmodo's #tips Box: Freaky Ads, Free Boob Jobs, and Flattery

We often post items from our #tips box, but sometimes things are so weird that we can't even stick them into our remainders. Things like talk of freaky ads on Craig's List, free boob job offers, and pure flattery.

We're sharing all those silly things with you because you're such lovely people.

Doesn't that feel nice to hear? The #tips box wasn't exactly designed for it, but sometimes a bit of flattery doesn't hurt. Granted, to most commenters it's about as amusing as seeing someone confusing the tips box with the search box or making an accidental comment in the wrong spot (which can even happen to our old timers like otko).


Speaking of confusion, I can't figure out whether PN - gooapplesoft's random remark about post counts is a #compliment or a #complaint.

I'm pretty sure that the shouts of "Netflix is down!" are a bad thing though, but at least they keep everyone notified of when sites relevant to them fail. So thank you for letting us know.

No thanks to the fellow who shared a website which aggregates the most desperate and freaky people on Craig's List by city. I'd rather spend hours and hours looking at old memes and funny Google suggestions.

It's not all about silliness in #tips though. Sometimes tipsters will point the way to some good causes or borderline #dealzmodo offers—such as ways of accumulating some kind of points to earn free boob jobs. Ok, so maybe that's a bit silly after all.


I'll let you browse through the remaining #tips on your own, but I will share what I consider the gem of the week in the #tips box: Code Organ, a website shared by zensflare which lets you hear what other sites would sound like. It's pretty nifty and for what it's worth, this edition of Gizmodo's Tips Box was written to the sounds of Google.

We're proud of our comment system and commenter community. In fact, many of our posts come from items submitted to our #tips box. Gizmodo's Tips Box is a regular feature to show the funny, scary, and freaky things we just couldn't post, but want to share.


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