Oh, this weird box at the center top still baffles people. Is it where you search? Is it where you submit blackmail? What sort of comments go in there? Find out in this week's edition of Gizmodo's Tips Box.

Of course tips aren't the only thing you can submit through that box since it leads you to the wonderful land of tag pages, but let's focus on the hot-hot-hot tips that came in through it this week, shall we?


We got introduced to something oddly tasty looking called the BatterBlaster by mhsrebelguy06. (Warning; Some sound plays automatically on the linked site.) Speaking of mhsrebelguy06, he also taught us about how women are amazing firewalls.


We also got to see a neat infographic shared by dfp3050 that breaks down spending and religious beliefs.

Our dear otko decided to be funny and give us a $5 tip. (I haven't received a check yet, buddy!)


CrispyAardvark has found some rather neat Lego models by 15-year-old Sven Junga:

ochee_ found weird contraptions that made me want to hug all the world's children and promise them that I won't ever shove them into one of these torture devices disguised as freaky art:

Oh, and this week there were a ton of videos dropped into #tips. Here are a few amusing-yet-far-too-weird ones:

That's some of the craziness that we've sifted through this week, but we encourage you to add to it—both silly things and serious tips.


We're proud of our comment system and commenter community. In fact, many of our posts come from items submitted to our #tips box. Gizmodo's Tips Box is a regular feature to show the funny, scary, and freaky things we just couldn't post, but want to share.