GlareStomper GPS Visor

Surprisingly a simple gadget like this is really awesome and useful. Anyone who has used some kind of a device with an LCD screen, whether it be a GPS, satellite radio receiver, portable media player, etc. in a car knows of the horrendous glare that covers the screen for most of the day. Well how the hell are you supposed to let TomTom find your way to the nearest strip club when you can't even see the screen?

This is where the GlareStomper comes in. It is just a little visor that goes on top of the GPS or other unit and prevents some of the glare. It is a pretty damn good idea, but you may be better off just making your own visor to match the size whatever gadget you have rather than paying upwards of $20 for the GlareStomper that may or may not fit your device correctly.


Product Page [Via Ubergizmo]

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