"Glassing" Violence Forces UK Government to Use SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY to Redesign Beer Glass

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Here in my rainy home of London, stories about "yoofs" and "hooligans" glassing each other with beer pints are pretty rife, which is why I'm hardly surprised the UK government is redesigning the pint glass to cut back on violence.

Supposedly 87,000 glassings occur each year in the UK, which says quite a bit about our culture here. Anyway, the government has weighed in and enlisted the help of the Design Council to create a safer glass, with a few different prototypes made so far. The first is coated in plastic to stop it from cracking, with the second design made from two layers of glass, bonded together with resin.

It kind of begs the question of whether pubs should just sell the amber liquid in plastic glasses, but you know those Brits—they may be hard-fisted purveyors of a good ol' glassing, but they still want to look classy while doing it. [BBC]

Image Credit: OwenBlacker