They may not have muttered a single word we can understand, but with a spirited “ootini!” the Jawas in Star Wars instantly endeared themselves to audiences. And since they’re so tiny, barely taller than R2-D2, Sideshow Collectibles is actually including a pair of them in this new sixth-scale set.

Like with past collectibles from Sideshow, the Jawa duo isn’t cheap at $220 for set. But you’re paying for an attention to detail that’s almost unmatched with sixth-scale figures like this.

Just look at the tiny pockets on the Jawa’s bandolier and you’ll realize why you’re not going to find these on the shelf at Toys”R”Us for $20. The pair, which are available for pre-order starting today, also include multiple layers of fabric cloaks, light-up eyes, a small collection of accessories (including a vital restraining bolt), and of course a host of swappable hands for striking the perfect pose.


The Jawas might not seem like vital characters in the Star Wars universe, but without them, R2-D2 would never have met up with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. So it’s about time they got some recognition. [Sideshow Collectibles]

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