Glowing Tee Lets You Create Fleeting Custom Designs

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As an artist, if you choose to work in the medium of UV light and glowing tees instead of paint and canvas, be prepared to be frustrated. Because that masterpiece you spent five seconds sketching will fade almost as quickly.

While ThinkGeek sells this top as a "Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee" that's actually a bit misleading. It doesn't include a laser—that's why they spell it with a Z. Instead, a UV flashlight lets you sketch and scribble on the shirt. In fact, any kind of light source will work, but focused UV light does have a bit more kick when it comes to getting the shirt to glow.

Just don't spend too much time on your design. Because by the time you finish your last stroke, the first lines you drew will have already started to fade. So if you were hoping to leave a lasting artistic legacy, this is not the medium for you. [ThinkGeek via Random Good Stuff]