Go Canada: iPhone Confirmed on Rogers Wireless

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iPhone confirmed for Canada, by a customer service email.

Rogers is actively working with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada as soon as possible and will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Canada.


Availability and pricing aren't set in stone, yet. But you can bet your buttocks it'll be after we get ours in the USA. Go USA! Thanks Curtis!

iPhone [Gizmodo]


This is a clue that in the near future that it will come to verizon since regers and verizon are both owned by vodaphone, hopefully it does come and look cool, or else I dont want it, I'd rather still have a nice LG or motorola phone that is a slider or a flip phone. Flip phones and sliders are for cool people...bar phones with big touch screen..apple is just asking for finger prints all over the place, just look at the thing at cnet, it's finger printed ALL OVER the screen....touch screens shouldnt be toucable, unless they have pens...apple didnt make it with a pen..lazy peice of fruit, atleast some pocket smartphones out there come with pens. The ones that are more PDA'ish.