Go Vote So These Tiny Lego Minimoog Synthesizers Become Real Sets

Not familiar with what an analog synthesizer is, even though you’ve probably heard them used on countless songs? Go read our in-depth explainer first, and then vote for Andy Grobengieser’s tiny recreations of Bob Moog’s Minimoog synths on the Lego Ideas site.

Designed to be portable versions of the classic Moog modular synthesizers that weren’t exactly easy to move, the original Minimoog Model D, released back in 1970, and the updated Voyager, released in 2002, allowed musicians to take the instruments on tour and use them during on-stage performances.


They’re not exactly easy to come by anymore, and certainly not cheap if you do find one, which is what makes Grobengieser’s Lego versions even more appealing.

As with any submission to the Lego Ideas site, a project needs to have 10,000 supporters before the company will even consider turning it into a real set, so head on over and help Andy out. Even if you don’t know the first thing about music, having these sitting under your monitor at work will go a long way to making people think you do. [Lego Ideas via Boing Boing]


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