God Destroys The United Nations, While Kyle Reese Watches

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Satan has instituted world government through the United Nations, and he's just succeeded in destroying the last opposition led by U.S. President David Alexander (Terminator's Michael Biehn) when suddenly God smites everyone wearing a red beret. John Bolton is smiling.

Poor Michael Biehn. He was in line to play Peter Parker in James Cameron's abandoned Spider-Man movie, and now look at him. In Omega Code 2: Megiddo, he plays the U.S. vice president and brother of Stone Alexander, the most powerful man in the world, who becomes the ruler of almost all the world. After Stone injects Satan juice into the real president, his brother becomes president, but he still won't go along with Stone's plan for world government. It's up to Kyle Reese to kick the ass of his Satanic brother (played by a scenery-chewing Michael York) and his demonic second in command (played by... wait for it... Udo Kier. Who else?)