Godzilla Is Now The King Of Funko Pops, As Well As Kaiju

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Of all Kaiju, it’s only natural that Godzilla gets the premiere treatment. After all, he’s the most famous, and has long held the title of “King of Kaiju”. That royalty now extends to Funko’s ever-expanding line of vinyl toys, as Godzilla’s is pretty damn fantastic.

Befitting his status as a plus-sized monster, Godzilla’s Funko Pop! toy will be part of their super-sized 6” range, letting him tower above your other Pops, presumably in terror. But look at the big/little (it depends on the perspective, I guess) guy!


The key to a Funko Pop with character—instead of black discs for eyes that look as if you’re staring to the endless void of death itself oh god stop looking at me it’s sucking out my soul—with personality appears to actually to obscure some of the eyes with brows and cheeks. Without them, this Godzilla wouldn’t look half as playfully menacing as he does. It’s pretty great!

Godzilla will stomp his way onto shelves next month, for around $15.

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