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Gold Wedding Ring Box Has 2-inch LCD, Plays Video

Illustration for article titled Gold Wedding Ring Box Has 2-inch LCD, Plays Video

As the married editors of Gizmodo can vouch for, when you ask your wife to marry you she's not going to remember anything about the box the ring comes in, just the ring itself. However, this ring box has a 2-inch LCD that can play back 60 minutes of video or 500 photos, which means you can present her with both a ring and naked pictures/video of her to enhance the mood. With this Euricase Multimedia Ring Box you can be sure your lady knows to judge a book by its (tacky, tacky) cover as well as its contents. Best of all, you can keep on using the ring as an alarm clock and a calendar! You win forever! [Euricase via Everything USB via Oh Gizmo]


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@jfine: I wasn't aware that sense of humor was endangered. Not everything needs a fancy box with an overpriced bauble in it. If this makes someone genuinely laugh, who gives a shit about velvety trinket cases?