Gomadic Charging Station Hides Shame, Displays Gadgets

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We're no strangers to charging stations, having reviewed a couple before, but these Gomadic charging stations seem to be a little different. Instead of hiding a power strip inside the station, as we saw in the Kangaroom units, Gomadic has only one AC connection to the wall.


How do they do it?

Well, the charging station combines a cable organizer/hider with exchangeable tips. This way you can swap in and out tips depending on what stuff you're charging (no points for finding obscure ones they don't support) so you can keep your original chargers at work or elsewhere.

Gomadic's claim is that keeping a power strip and AC adapters hidden is a bad idea because it may lead to the universe imploding. Or fires. We didn't read very carefully. In any case, this charger seems like a neat idea if you have gadgets that are supported by Gomadic's tips.

Sneak Peek [Gomadic via Digital Media Thoughts via Uber Gizmo]


Hey, the PPC-6700 is a damned good phone, especially when you consider it's like two years old at this point. Yeah, the 6800/Mogul will be better, but that's not even out yet.

As for the need for this gadget, it's cable management and AC receptacle space-saving. If you're a power gadget family, cell phones, bluetooth headsets, PSP, DS, random PMPs, etc. all add up fast to a mess of wires and an outlet shortage.

The problem is that they usually cost some absurd amount of money, either for the station or for the tips. Given that basically everything can be charged via USB these days, I'm still amazed no one's just modified a hub to stay powered all the time (even without a computer being on) and sold it as an 7-port USB charger.

I can't wait for induction charging to take off.